Is there some kind of work or meintenance being done on the update servers ???

Hi ! Just before started writing this post I tried to check for updates on CIS (I do the updates myself, they’re not scheduled) several times and always get the “Error 108: Update could not be completed. Please check your Internet connection settings”.
Also when I try to do a virus database update it loads 5% very quickly and sais that is up-to-date.

Now, as I’ve said earlier, I do the updates myself, they’re not scheduled automatically so I wonder why it sais that the virus database is up-to-date because I didn’t updated it since yesterday (I kinda do the updates once per day) and when I do the virus database update it always updates except today, so let’s get back to my question that I wrote above on the “Subject” title !!!

Can someone tell me what’s up ???

Oh, forgot to mention that my internet connection is working fine so the problem isn’t there !!!

There was a problem with the recent program update. The update servers aren’t currently serving updates.

Everything is OK now ! I did a program update yesterday, CIS is now version 3.10.******.530, and today the virus database update seems to work again, updated from 1538 to 1540.

I declare the matter and topic closed !!! Servers seem to be back on track !

                                                                                Be safe !!!


I noticed this morning that your update server doesnt work. What’s wrong (my internet connection works very well)!!??

By the way, I find annoying your are accusing immediately our Internet connexion could be down when the problem is on your side! My connection is running at 20MBPS)!!!


Can you be more specific about what happened? What were you trying to update: the AV database or the program? What error did you get?

I’m also having trouble updating.

I’m currently on version 3.13.125662.579, virus signature database version 3404.

Windows is telling me that there’s a security risk, with Comodo Anti-Virus reporting that it’s out of date. It hasn’t auto-updated since Tuesday 29th December, and attempts at a manual update tell me to check my internet connection, which (clearly, since I’m posting here) is absolutely fine.

Is this going to be sorted any time soon? Will un-installing and re-installing help? Or do I need to start looking at another product?

Can you check the settings regarding proxy as described here:;msg321768#msg321768 .

The only information in the Connections tab is the update server:

I do not, and never have, used a proxy.

This is bad start…I installed CIS a few days back and already cannot update virus definitions. Like someone mentioned here, a dumb message acuses my Internet connection “duh, first thing I verified”. is 404 …better start working on those servers ASAP if you want people to keep using your product.
There are alternatives you know…

Or your approach is…“oh, it’s free, what did you expect? Want definitions, upgrade to pro”…I sure hope it’s not the case.

With the free and pro version you get the exact same download facilities. With the Pro version you get support by a human being from Live PC support.

Not sure what you are trying to proof with “ is 404 …” but the updaters work here and Google never heard of that specific page.

Google may not have heard of that page, but you should have, since it’s in your software. The software is trying to connect to for the antivirus update file, and can’t.

I’ve not changed any settings in the software, and I have never used a proxy. Anything that has changed within Comodo can only be as a result of a previous automatic update.

Post after post is appearing here now with people saying they are unable to update the virus database, or are failing at a certain percentage. With all due respect, if the best support advice you can offer is “the updaters work here” then perhaps we are all better off switching to another product.

What I’m trying to PROVE is that the servers are down…like the previous poster said, if the link “ain’t working”, the updates “ain’t working” either.

If your updater works, please provide an explanation why for so many people it stopped on Tuesday. At least there should be a manual way to get the definitions…most other sites have that.

From Wikipedia:

The 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server but the server could not find what was requested. 404 errors should not be confused with “server not found” or similar errors, i
Your action only shows you are not communicating properly and that the server is actually running

If your updater works, please provide an explanation why for so many people it stopped on Tuesday. At least there should be a manual way to get the definitions...most other sites have that.
We can offer you the latest bases.cav and after installing that you should be able to download the incremental updates. You can get the latest bases.cav from [url=]Where can i download the latest full AV database?[/url]

My bad…indeed, that was an IE8 http attempt to connect. Maybe it doesn’t prove anything, maybe it does - I don’t know if it was serving a page before.

But under Settings/Connection/Updates host this is what I see: …could it be another server you’re talking about?

As far as the db is concerned it looks ike the available one is from dec 28…so I won’t try it (100M anyways).

PS. Please try to understand our update problems are real and ping Comodo to have them verify the servers.

Here is something else you can try. Boot Windows in Safe Mode and navigate to the Comodo installation folder with Explorer.

In the scanners folder rename the bases.cav to bases.cav.bak. Then copy the bases.cav to the scanners folder. Now reboot and start Windows again.

Did this help?

Your instructions are to navigate to a folder, rename a file, then copy that renamed file to the same folder?

Same problem as multiple others on this forum in multiple threads.

CIS version: 3.13.125662.579
Virus Signature Database: 3403

Virus updated last on: Tuesday December 29th, 2009 7:00:33

Cannot update.

A crappy fix, but a fix nonetheless. THANKS.

Now repeat after me: “You were right, there was A PROBLEM and I should not have given you the run-around. Comodo should apologize.”

Don’t you feel better? :slight_smile:

No…Enter Safe-Mode (press F8 when the OS loads) and rename the basres.cav file to basres.old.
Then copy the file you downloaded (“BASE…blah-3394.cav”) AND RENAME it to basres.cav (pay attention to the folder name so you are in the correct one).
Then restart your machine and the definitions file (in Miscellaneous/About) should report 3394.

You are then good to either wait for your CIS to start the update or if you’re impatient (like me :slight_smile: ) then force a manual update.

The issue of failing at a certain percentage is caused by a combination of two factors - 1) The Comodo updater displays percentages in a bizarre manner and does not accurately communicate what is happening during the update process and 2) users expect the percentage counter in the updater to act in a more regular manner.

The updater in CIS 3.13 jumps quickly to 30% and then appears to be stuck. It isn’t really stuck but it is in the process of integrating the first part of the update into the existing database. This can be verified by using Task Manager or similar and monitoring disk writes. This process can take a handful of minutes and this is where point 2 comes into play (users expectation of linearity).

The updater and its progress meter in CIS 4 (currently in private beta) is far more accurate and displays the total size of the download and the precentage currently downloaded and integrated.

With all due respect, if the best support advice you can offer is "the updaters work here" then perhaps we are all better off switching to another product.

This is purely your decision. We should all find a security solution we are happy with and works well within the confines of our environment. If that’s Comodo, then great. If it’s someone else’s software - equally great.

Ewen :slight_smile: