Is there some easy tutorial for a Comodo newbie?

I come from ZoneAlarm which makes an automatic configuration for the system most used processes (svchost.exe for example). I left it since the last release has some bugs inside and I cannot install it.
I just tried Comodo and I like it even if it looks a little bit more difficult. I would like to ask if you know if there is some tutorial on how to make a configuration for the most used program (for example svchost, iexplore, etc.) in order to know if I have to let them act as a server and access internet or not. I would guess yes, but I don’t know if it could be dangerous or not. Thanks

G’day Zippo and welcome to the forums.

Most of the time, it’s OK to allow an app to act as a server. This usually means that an application is starting and will receive/send input from other running applications on the PC (someone please correct me if I’m wrong here - or alternatively let me know if this definition is correct ;). Whether they are acting as a server or not is a separate issue to whether they are accessing the internet or not.

There is a flash tutorial on setting network rules at Please note that this tutorial explains what each of the most basic rules required for secure internet access are. It does not cater for specific application and their requirements. There will be more flash tutorials coming soon, covering the user interface of CPF and the major components therein.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:
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Thanks for your answers. Still I have another one since I am coming from Zonealarm which has a quality that Comodo has not: it’s easier. But I tried Comodo because it’s free, because according to the tests Comodo is excellent and much better than Zonealarm free.
I am now a little bit frustrated because I would not like that a phd in informatics would be necessary to understand how to use Comodo. At this time I saw that saying “yes” to all popups makes me able to navigate in internet. These popups come from programs like svchost, iexplore, services.exe which are belonging to Windows os. Sometimes I saw that in the top corner of the popups il comes a red bar (risky to allow) but if I say “no” the result is that I cannot connect to internet.
My question is: if I say “yes” to all requests, am I still sure or is it equivalent to navigating without any firewall? I guess that to some requests I should say “no”, but I don’t know to which ones.