Is there no "Draft Saved" option?

This is the third time I’ve been in the middle of composing a technically-detailed request for help when Comodo has tossed my composition into the ether — with no opportunity to recover the post because there is no “Draft Saved” — and logged me out.

Please make sure when you login that you check the box to be logged indefinitely when logging in from Comodo Forum .

Yes, I do that. The balance of this response I’ll message you privately if you wouldn’t mind.

Eric, there is a minutes-to-stay-logged-in box with “60” in it. I always check the “Stay Logged In” box, but the 60 cannot be edited (and therefore cannot be removed).

Worse, the site won’t even let me have a few minutes to compose a PM to you! So forgive me posting this publically: Are you trying to remove me from the forums? If so, please do me the courtesy of a PM and I’ll leave.

Hi semicodin,
No we are not trying to remove you from the Forum.

‘Always stay logged in’ if selected will override ‘Minutes to stay logged in’.

Do you have cookies enabled or have you tried a different browser?


Compose your message in Notepad. Copy and paste your message on the forum. Easy-peasy.

Also try cleaning cache and cookies and then restarting the browser.

Captain Sticks, thank you, that’s a relief. I may have made uncharitable comments on this forum since registering, mostly in criticism of Comodo’s User GUI, but since every site I’ve visited since Google unleashed their exercise in minimalism has either migrated to Chrome’s interface or is planning to in the near future, I have sweet fa of a chance it will ever return to the dignified interface of a desktop, as opposed to the unholy alliance of Google and Apple reducing the world-wide-web to a 5" cell phone. Pah! End of rant.

Grizzly, at first I was going to debate your suggestion because it would have meant remembering each time that Comodo’s forums have the dubious distinction of being the only forum on the web routinely wiping out entire paragraphs of carefully composed code and inquiries. Answer a phonecall, step away for a coffee refil . . . come back and it’s wiped out: WSOD (son of BSOD).

But upon reflection I find the suggestion is brilliant. :-La I will do so not only with Comodo’s forums but with every forum. Being interrupted each workday I marvel why I never did this years ago.

I have a technically-challenging issue I will need Comodo’s help on but will recompose & recompile it offline before posting it to the forums. Please remind me which of the forums are Windows XP?

I started doing it that way, for long compositions, for exactly the same reason you are considering it. I would type a long response or query, just to have something go awry and have to start all over again. It’s frustrating! Using Notepad (or similar program) has alleviated my anger!

Aint it the truth. As I crawl toward 60 one of the hardest things for me to do is to break out of my hunkered-down minkthink and give alternatives at least the space to be tried once for cryin’ out loud! I remember years ago I had a Brother postscript laser printer (not ink) and I’d be walking in a tech store and see these ridiculous printers. Smug that at least my printer didn’t have to suffer the indignity of having its paper exposed and verticle. When my old Brother finally died and I went shopping for another printer it suddenly dawned on me: By forcing the tray to physically lift itself wasn’t that a strain on the engine? These new printers don’t need to work so hard because the paper is fed naturally, taking advantage of — erm, gravity? — to naturally drop the paper down. Could this be gravity? Well D’OH lol! Oh man . . .


The problem with the log outs may have been a temporary server hiccup. Last night when I was doing maintenance on various Windows versions on netbook and desktop computers I had problems with the log in of Comodo forums. I had to log in where my cookies are set to be logged in.

As to the problem of loosing a post if something goes wrong: Opera 12.17 has my back. I have it set to never reload a page when navigating through history. When I go back to a page with a typed message it will be there like I left it.