Is There Anyway... [RESOLVED]

to run Comodo Pro ver 3 without Defense Plus, as a firewall only?

Of course, see the fine manual :wink:

thanks for the reply. i am a huge believer in reading the documentation, so that was the first thing i did. the documentation lies. last night (after reading in the documentation about the option in the install routine to load fw only) i made three attempts at loading FW only (without leak protection as well) and all three times watched the installer as it installed Defense + Driver.

i want to use Comodos FW, as i believe it is excellent. as it should be. Comodo as a FW developer has the most experience in this area and for ver 3 is head and shoulders above ver 2.4, conceptually and functionally. in my opinion Defense Plus is good, but needs alot of refinement. i was hoping to have the best of both worlds, Comodos excellent FW, with a somewhat more graceful HIPS app to work with it.

i am simply grasping at staws in the hopes that someone may have found a way to accomodate my efforts. again the help files state it can be done, and the install routine provides an option to do so, but Defense Plus is loaded anyway.


The HIPS in Comodo 3.0 is very powerful. I always install it on any pc. There is no reason not to use it. In todays day and age you need a behavior blocker like D+? What exactly is your problem with D+?

I think that option of installing FW only just leaves D+ off or something. Since Comodo is pretty light with it anyways, you could (provided you haven’t already) just deactivate D+ and ignoring it or you know… switch it on disabled and leave it there.

I really don’t understand your problem here… Choosing “Firewall” with “Leak Protection” unchecked only enables the stateful packet filter. If you are into saving a couple MBs of disk space, they you probably have a problem with this, dunno… ??? 88)

p. 15 -
Firewall (with ‘Leak Protection’ option checked) - This option installs the packet filtering firewall as above and some, but not all, Defense+ functionality to provide effective leak protection against malware.

Are you choosing a wrong option? You should choose Firewall (‘Leak Protection’ option NOT checked)

okay i am going to atempt to clear this up for you. i think D+ for me is almost there. i am not criticizing D+, heck Comodo has only been in the full blown HIPS development business for a short time, and D+ is an remarkable accomplishment. however, on my system i have several snapshots, one of which i use exclusively to test security apps. i ran across a HIPS app that i like alot, and wanted to retain Comodos Firewall and use this HIPS in place of D+.

Comodo Pro ver 3 has 3 options in it’s installation routine:

1)Install the full version of Comodo Pro…which loads all drivers/services required to install and run Comodo Pro ver 3.

  1. Install Firewll with Leak Protection…but it installs all services and drivers required to run Comodo Pro ver 3.

  2. Install Firewall ONLY…but that option installs all drivers and services required to run the full strength Comodo Pro ver 3. Defense + is in fact installed in Clean PC mode, all of the default rules and settings are there and FUNCTIONING…in spite of the install setting/s i choose.

i hope this is clear enough for you. i sus pect i am getting replies from people that have not attempted to run Comodo Pro without Defense Plus. which is okay, i can understand why most are happy with this app as is. i was too for many months, but i found what I consider to be a more refined, but still powerful HIPS, that i wanted to run alongside, what i consider Comodo Pros strong suit, it’s firewall.

so i will rephrase my question. has anyone successfully installed Comodo Pro ver 3 as a firewall only, and if so how was it accomplished? thanks to all that have offered-up their opinions and viewpoints. and thanks in advance to anyone who can help me accomplish what i am looking to do.


Well yeah I have, on multiple boxes. I really don’t know what’s wrong with your install, but nowhere on my boxes is D+ and the leak protection enabled and functioning when I install this w/ firewall only and leak protection disabled.

well that is interesting. i made three attempts at it last night. twice with FW only and once to see if it made a difference with Leak Protection enabled. all three times i watched as the Defense+ driver was loaded, ad D+ was in fact present and ready to serve after install. could i request from you a screenshot of your GUI from one of your boxes with FW only?

and only as a matter of curiosity, are you still running a HIPS app on any/all of those boxes?



Well sure, can attach them if still needed after this weekend, the boxes are not remotely accessible. Anyway, unless you are on Vista, you might use CPF 2.4 to get rid of the D+ stuff. :wink:

I have a couple boxes w/ full-featured Comodo (generally my own), and also have bunch of them using Comodo only as a packet-filter replacement for the bad Windows firewall, the people who are using those find the HIPS stuff too complex for them to use.

If you don’t want defense+ but you installed it, then just disable it :).


sure, that would be great, i would like to see the GUI without D+. 2.4 is not an option. what i want is what Comodo claims i am able to do, which is run ver 3 as a packet filter only. HIPS can be a bear for many to get a grasp on. i,ve used SSM, Prosecurity, Coreforce, as well D+. i have found D+ to be far more user friendly than any of those, so it’s not a usability issue with me. rather i am excercising my penchant for ordering things in a manner that best suite me. :wink: :wink:


You can go to Defense+ and disable it & then reboot anyway. Regarding the installation, have no idea because I have always installed CFP 3 fully.

But be warned… When you disable D+ 50% of you’re protection is cut off. You won’t be fully leaked & malware protected. IMO You need Defense+ to fight & prevent malware in such a great and effective way. Set D+ in Training Mode, go through your known and good apps one by one, then switch it back to Safe Mode.

The power off Comodo’s Firewall & Defense+(HIPS) is So good!!!


Glad to hear it Mike.

Anything else you need help with?


Nope. for now i’m good…thanks.


I should note that Defense+ isn’t really off either. Defense+ is still there as a substitute for hashes.

CFP doesn’t keeps hashes, but it detects and blocks file changes in real time. explorer.exe by default is allowed to change files, so take that into consideration when testing (either use a different program to modify programs, or change the default explorer rule to ask).

It’s really good, in the sense that it won’t prompt you as much as opposed to hashes. It’s not that good for Firewall only, as Defense+ isn’t really on, isn’t really off either.

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