Is there anything else you can do if the sandbox has reset errors other than res

tarting the compute? This happens now and then and I hate having to reset the laptop each time.

You can try deleting the contents of the VTRoot folder in Explorer. You do need to set Windows to show hidden files and folder in Explorer under Control Panel → Folder Options.

I got hidden folders show, how do I find VTRoot folder?

It’s at the root of your system drive. C:\VTRoot\

Can I please have directions on how to get there?

  1. Show hidden folders
  2. Open File Explorer
  3. Go to “My Computer” or “This PC” (Depends on OS)
  4. Double-click “C:” drive
  5. If you have hidden files/folders set to show then you should see the folder “VTRoot” in that list (If you don’t have it then either you don’t have hidden files/folders showing or “Reset sandbox” was successful)

Thanks, so if I get a “can’t reset sandbox” error again if I delete that VTRoot I’ll be okay and won’t have to restart he computer?

Depends on the reason for why CIS couldn’t reset the sandbox, sometimes processes can get “stuck” (don’t know the actual term) while terminating and at that point I’ve found no way (Except restart) to terminate them, and if they’re running then they can’t be deleted and if they can’t be deleted then perhaps CIS throws an error…

Next time it happens you could try checking if any processes are still running in the sandbox, if there are then that’s probably what happens for you, if there aren’t then I’m not sure.

Ironically I was using the sandbox after I saw this post, sandbox got stuck again, went to Kill Switch, couldn’t kill IE and Comodo froze up, had to restart computer.

Did you also try Force Terminate option of Killswitch when trying to close down IE?

Yes, that just locked up Comodo and had it turn white.

A small side step. The freezing symptom might also indicate a problem with one or more sectors on your hard drive. Can you check Windows Event Viewer and see if it reports problems with the hard drive.

Also I used to have this issue with processes not terminating correctly when I had faulty RAM, you may want to try running memtest86+ to check your RAM.