I’m very discouraged about the lack of response or should I say zero response from the mediators and who ever else is involved in corresponding and replying to important concerns and problems with CIS 3.8. particularly with the AV. There are many post and topics regarding problems with false positives, the re-scanning of already quarantined files, the detection of known trusted software being flagged as malware over and over again, the problem with the exclusion list being ignored during scans and the list goes on. I’m truly a believer in Comodo and like the direction Comodo has been going with CIS and love it’s firewall but at this point in time I feel because the lack of concern with CIS 3.8 I’m going to have to look else were for a stable and reliable AV product. And if it means going with a security suite and replacing the Comodo firewall with another trusted firewall then so be it. This is not what I want to do but my PC is to valuable to me to depend on a security suite that still in my eyes has a lot of known bugs that are not being addressed.
So please, if they are being addressed reply to our concerns and problems we submit to you and keep us, the members of this forum informed and updated. I’m sure you’ll make most of us happy with that.

Hi donnyd

The fact that there is no response from the developers is a sign that instead of cruising the forums they are busy correcting the bugs that have been found. You can be sure that they are working on them, and that we will hear from them when they are ready to give us an update.

Please just be patient and you will get some news.


Hey JJasper,
Thanks for the quick response. I just felt that there is to many problems with CIS 3.8 and not enough informative information being posted. I’m sure the devs will come up with timely fixes and CIS will become “Top of the line” in security.
Thanks again… :■■■■