Is there any way to restore defaults in CIS 5 RC?

I’ve installed CIS in a virtual environment with XP and now I can’t even open IE8 without disabling CIS (except the antivirus).
I know I mess something during my tests ;D
Is there a way to restore the default settings (or have a way to IE even start/open)?
Which more information should I give to troubleshoot this?

I don’t want to uninstall/install as I need to download 100Mb of virus definitions, etc. etc.

Hi Tech, you could just copy the bases.cav file to your desktop, then do a new installation and replace the new bases.cav with the one you copied.

Thanks James. I’ll try to remember that if I need to reinstall CIS.
I just delete the IE entries of Defense+ settings and it’s working again.

happy to hear that your problem is solved:)