Is there any way to have alerts for every incoming port but not every outgoing?

Is there any way to have Comodo prompt me for every incoming port, but only prompt once for outgoing for a program?

Yes. When installing the latest build of CFP, there is now an option to block all incoming, or alert the user for incoming connections. As for once outgoing, turn D+ off, and when allowing an outgoing program hit ‘remember’ and allow or block, and CFP wont ask you again for that program unless its stub changes. (Through updates or what not)

Any shot you could give me a screenshot or at least tell me where it is? I can’t seem to find it. I just downloaded it 20 minutes before my post so I’m sure I have the latest.

Hi Trel,

You will also need to go to Firewall/Advanced/Firewall Behavior Settings and move the “Alert Settings” to high or very high.
Pretty sure this effects both in and outbound though.


That’s what I WAS doing, but I don’t care about multiple outs.
I want to give it full permission for out, and specific permission for out.

(This wasn’t a problem for me in 2.4 because opening ports was global, so I could just go with one alert, and open the ports on a global basis)

Well assuming they havn’t changed it, you will need to uninstall CFP and then reinstall it. Hopefully they didn’t change that part of the installer.

There was no such option when I installed it.

Oh, so they have changed it. I am sorry dude. Must have been very recent.