Is there any reason to run Windows Firewall simultaneously?

I’ve seen a lot of people say that you shouldn’t run two firewalls together, because they may conflict and cause problems, but then, Windows (XP) Firewall, isn’t much of a firewall, is it?

This machine has been running my current firewall along with Windows Firewall (mainly through ignorance rather than any active decision) for a few years and hasn’t seemed to have any problems. Also, some say that even though Windows Firewall is quite poor, it’s a little bit of extra protection that can’t hurt.

So, is there any point in running Windows Firewall and Comodo Internet Security simultaneously?

Thank you.

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When you have comodo firewall active it make no sense to have Win firewall active for two reason

  1. CF does a much better job than Win firewall.
  2. Having two firewall can cause problems and more resources.


NO :wink:


Actually, the Windows firewall is fine against incoming traffic. It just has no outgoing protection.

And if you really want to know why it’s not a good idea, Windows itself will tell you why.

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Well that seems fairly conclusive.

Unfortunately, HeffeD, I don’t have that option. On this machine it simply says “Windows Firewall is ON” and then the only link is to “How does a firewall help protect my computer?”

So, what’s the preferred method for installation of CIS? Uninstall current firewall, turn off windows firewall, disable windows firewall service, then install Comodo?

Also, I understand that Comodo can’t be (easily) installed in Safe Mode, because it’s an MSI. So, given that there are a few services I can’t shut down in normal mode, is it possible I’ll have any problems installing CIS in a normal boot?

Thank you.

If it only tells you that the Windows firewall is on, then you’re only running a single firewall or the other firewall you’re using doesn’t report its status to the Security Center. If you turn off the Windows firewall, what does it tell you? (If you aren’t sitting behind a router with a firewall or NAT, it would be a good idea to disconnect from the internet before turning off the Windows firewall)

Uninstall current firewall cleanly. (Using Revo or after uninstalling run a reg cleaner to ensure all remnants of the old firewall are gone) Install CIS. Once Comodo’s firewall is up and running, then turn off the Windows firewall. You don’t need to disable the service.

If you have any applications that are known to be incompatible with CIS, the installer will warn you. Other than that, I wouldn’t expect any problems with a normal boot installation.

Why wait until after CIS is installed to turn off Windows Firewall, surely it would be better to turn it off before, to avoid any possible conflict. Obviously, I won’t be connected to the internet at this point.

Also, Windows components and services have a tendency to decide to run themselves whether you turn them on or off, so I think it’s probably best to disable any service I’m not using. Is there any reason not to disable the windows firewall service? (This is a standalone machine, so it doesn’t do any connection sharing.)

Thank you.

to turn off the windows firewall permanent by (this is for Xp) start — > run —> write services.msc and find windows firewall.

for Vista/7 it’s: Start —> services.msc here you to find windows firewall


To ensure you’re always behind a firewall. If you’re not connected to the internet, then the order does not matter.

I’ve yet to see the firewall turn itself on. But by all means, if it makes you feel more comfortable, disable the service.

Sure enough, even after I had turned off Windows firewall (and uninstalled the other), Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing service was still automatically loading at startup. So I’ve disabled it. This has also stopped Application Layer Gateway from loading at startup (it must have been started by the Windows Firewall service).

So, just to be clear, is there any reason to run either of these services? Does Comodo require either of them?

Thank you.

FYI: In vista you have to run windows firewall to be able to use File sharing/Printer Sharing (From what i hear)

You can go to Start > Run > firewall.cpl
Select Off > Ok

No need to disable a service

Hope this helps


Thanks, but this machine is running XP (I probably could have made that clearer in my first post). I’m sure there’s no need to disable it, it’s probably not doing any harm (other than using memory and slowing bootup), but is there any need to have it (Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing) or Application Layer Gateway running?

Thank you.

Simple answer would be no
As HeffeD and Matty_R Said; there is no reason to have this service enabled, but
If you do come up with problems in the future, you can always enabled it back :slight_smile:


I have XP Home and I trust BlackViper
I have both those Services Disabled with no problems at all. Here is the blackViper description for:

Application Layer Gateway Service

[b]Default Description[/b] Provides support for 3rd party protocol plug-ins for Internet Connection Sharing and the Windows Firewall.

Additional Information
Before the installation of Service Pack 2 or 3, this service was required for use with the Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service. After the installation of Service Pack 2 or 3, it no longer is required.

Windows Firewall / Internet Connection Sharing

[b]Default Description[/b] Provides network address translation, addressing, name resolution and/or intrusion prevention services for a home or small office network.

Additional Information
This service was named Internet Connection Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing with Service Pack 1a. It is used to allow multiple computers on your network to access the internet via only one account. This service installs on the “modem” computer. It also provides a software firewall for the system. If you are using a third party firewall, hardware gateway/router or Internet Connection Sharing software package, this service is not required. However, if you are only using a modem and not a hardware firewall/router/gateway, I strongly recommend to keep this service in Automatic

In Comodo I also went to:
• Firewall Behavior Settings
• Alert Settings
• Un-Tick: This computer is an internet connection gateway (i.e. An ICS Server)

Since I don’t need any sort of ‘local network’ I have also changed the Workstation service to Disabled with no problems but others may need this service.
Edit: It seems Secunia PSI 2.0 Final needs Workstation service to be running and there might be other software that needs it as well


[b]Default Description[/b] Creates and maintains client network connections to remote servers. If this service is stopped, these connections will be unavailable. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.

Additional Information
Used to connect local computer to remote computers. Examples may include local network connectivity and File and Print sharing. Many services depend on Workstation to be functioning. Leave it on Automatic for safe configurations

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