Is there any point at all in using CFP if you always stay in Training Mode?

Hello, anyone who is sufficiently knowledgeable;

My question is; Is there any point in having the firewall installed at all if you keep the firewall and Defense+ in Training Mode all the time?

I set my parents’ laptop like this because they cannot handle any warning or choice boxes. They would just end up saying ‘yes’ to everything anyway, rather than saying ‘no’ and then finding they cannot use a certain part of Windows or a certain program.

In case it makes a difference, here is what they have, just in basic terms :
Laptop with Windows Firewall switched off, Comodo Firewall Pro switched on, both modes in Training Mode for some time and ongoing.
Netgear router for broadband via ethernet connection, Netgear’s own firewall left at default settings. (Very occasionally they may go wireless via a USB dongle; I think I have correctly set up the wireless to be ‘secure’)
Laptop has anti-virus Avast 4.8 Home Edition Free switched on, all ‘on access protection’ modules on.

Thanks for your advice, maybe including ideas for a more effective ‘install and forget’ setup.


Hey, Maybe you should do some research into your Router and setup it’s firewall for strong protection - You shouldn’t need Comodo (or any software firewall)

If your a safe surfer, your router will block the “hackers” from penetrating your pc, and avast! is a good antivirus that should detect if you have malware on your system

There is an argument with Software VS hardware firewalls, There are pro’s and cons…
Hardware does not tax your system resources etc
While software firewalls are easy to configure.

A good way to test your inbound protection is by going to “GRC Shields Up”
NOTE You must always have an firewall… whether it be software or hardware,

Hello Kyle and thanks.

I’ll look into testing and also read up on the Netgear router but I suspect again that manual decisions will be needed.
What I have read about it, is:-
“all incoming traffic is blocked by default. It will only allow incoming traffic that you configure services and rules for”.
My parents don’t use any applications that require incoming connections, such as bit torrent or Windows Live Messenger.

So, what I’m doing currently, is allowing everything between the laptop and router, isn’t it? So is there any point in my having CFP installed at all? ie with or without it, no incomiing connections are coming past the router, and all outgoing requests from the laptop are alllowed.

Thanks again,

My personal opinion is that you should be fine with Avast! and your hardware firewall.
I Don’t see any point you using comodo if your running them in training mode 24\7.

Hope these answered your questions.

I just tried the Shields up tests Kyle listed above.
Passed, with everything stealthed.

Thanks again;
Yes, I think I’ll uninstall it on the grounds it is pointless, set in the way I described.
Presumably no point in activating the Windows Firewall either?

I’ll do some tests before removing anything and afterwards, but I agree and expect nothing to be different in just using the router firewall as described.