is there any FREE audio/mp3-midi converter ? where do i get it?

(:WAV) hi all,
my dad bought a new keyboard (music, not computer 88) ).
and yesterday he bought a midi containing flashdisk to be used with the keyboard. but he can’t find his favorite songs there. so i think maybe i can convert some of his fave songs from a CD/MP3 to midi file. so is there any FREE converter program? (:TNG)


There is.
But I won’t post it, since the output quality is just horrible.
Trust me, there is no such thing as a perfect conversion from mp3 to midi form.

Actually Ganda, why don’t you have a ride to our famous Mangga Dua district, and bought the ehm software collections by yourself?

Where do you live by the way?
Don’t be lazy, will ya’

there is such thing for 39.55 euro :o
unfortunately i live in a small town @ east borneo. 88) , i’ve tried to look for the free software at the local store, but i only found symantec AVs ;D


…how about $2.5 for 30 of them?
…ok, I should stop talking like that.

hheeeyyy >:( the usual price is $1 ;D

Come on… I need to pay the parking fee & gas for my car.
…and not to mention the mail fee…

*. How do we make our topic hidden?
*. Sooner or later, that DuckWing character will bust our arsh off if we keep negotiating “the price” here

errr $1.5 top! ;D