Is there any difference between CAV Pro and CCAV?

Hi, recently I purchased a year’s subscription for CAV Pro from Comodo. I’ve noticed that all of the forum posts seem to talk about CCAV. I am confused about these products: Are they one in the same, i.e. CAV Pro has the same capabilities as CCAV, or are there significant differences between these products?

CCAV is similar to 360 Total Security Essential from Qihoo 360 Technology and can be found at:

CAV is a offline AV which relies on a database of signature, CCAV is a cloud AV.
Both CAV and CCAV have auto-sandbox and Viruscope, even if they work in a different way (Qihoo also has a sandbox, but it’s on-demand only. The only option you have is to set a rule for an application to always start in the sandbox, you can’t have a rule to run any unknown app within the sandbox).
CAV (more precisely Defense+) also have a HIPS, while CCAV doesn’t have.

My opinion is that CCAV is a better choice than CAV, but CIS (which also includes a firewall) is a better choice than CCAV :slight_smile:

Hi Jon-
Thanks for your response and clarification. I’ve used Qihoo’s 360 Total Security Essential with mixed results.

It’s a couple of months that I’ve been using qihoo 360 total security (not the essential) alongside comodo firewall/defense+ and i really like this combo :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ll probably continue to use CAV Pro until my current subscription is finished, then maybe switch to CCAV. Actually, my current security combo works rather well: CAV Pro, Malwarebytes Premium and Win 10’s Firewall. Appreciate your replies.