Is there an update to version .477

I was configuring some settings on CIS and just checked update to make sure I had latest version, but it comes up with an update found. Is there an update after .477 or is that a bug? Should I install that update or leave be for now? I checked the update details but only listed the update from Feb 26 as latest.

It would be great if sum1 could lmk, thanks

I checked for updates and get “No Updates Available”. I’m using v.477. DB 1005 at this time.


??? I clicked next in update and it went right to saying it has been installed and now there are no updates available, even after a restart. Idk wth happened but seems to have went away atm. Had this happen on both of my pcs, this one which is XP Home SP-3 and other is XP Prof SP-3

LMK, if there is something to remove/delete like in that post above for Vista