Is there an "Idiots Guide" available?

Thanks. Yes, I will have to come to the forums for help.

Is there a PDF download? That is probably in FAQ…


The PDF manual can be downloaded from

Ewen :slight_smile:

Got it. Thanks. I found the Business one but not that one.

I also would like to get an Idots Guide to the firewall.I"m using Windows Home Edition SP2.I used to have comodo firewall,but i had to reinstall my OS and lost it.I"ve had my computer for about 10 mons.When i got it i had to have someone show me how to turn it on.I"m 66 yrs old and had never even seen a computer up close until Sept.06.I"ve downloaded the CFP setup program,but it wont install.A pop up says its already installed and do i want to uninstall and i click yes.Nothing happens.I"ve been reading and trying all the fixes suggested on the forum,but nothing i do seems to work.I went to system32\wbem and tried to delete Respository,but a pop up told me i couldnt delete because it was still running.I dont know what else to do.I need some serious help and i need it explained in very simple and i truly mean simple terms.Any help i can get will be greatly appreciated.Thank you,Cowboyfestus