Is there an "Idiots Guide" available?

I dont consider myself an idiot, however, it seems to me that a lot of these questions would be resolved (or not even get here) if we understood the basics of how this firewall was designed and what we need to do to get it to do what we want.

So… is there an idiots guide that I can look at, to help me by explaining why and how? Yes, I know there is help which describes how to fill in the forms, and there is this forum which answers a lot of questions, but…

I installed it yesterday after deciding that ZA took up too much cpu and memory and today I just got fed up with trying to understand how the whole thing works. I am sure there are a lot of other people like me (after all, I cannot be the only one who feels this way). I can see how it is an excellent program, but maybe a little too complicated for the ‘idiots’ amongst us. Gone back to ZA for a while…what a shame. (:SAD)

Hi ocpaul20, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It really depends what you want to know? You could try looking at the

FAQ for Comodo Firewall
** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First **
Tutorials - A Compiled Resource

There’s a lot of good information in there. If, however, there is something specific, just post a query in the Help forum. It’s what we’re here for.


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He who has something to learn and is aware about it is a Sage. :■■■■

First and foremost look at the “Noob” install VIDEO guide to doublecheck the necessary cpf setup steps.

Then it would be a good idea to read about CFP’s layered rules.

IMHO the last step should be to choose the alert frequency level in Security|Advanced|Miscellaneous section of CPF.

CPF has a learning mode (alerts) enabled by default in Application monitor layer.

If your alert frequecy level is very high, Alerts generate specific rules for every single connection filling in each rule field with a NON-ANY value (i.e. Protocol, direction, port, ip, permission)

If your alert frequecy level is low, Alerts generate generic rules filling in only direction (Inbound/Outbound) and Permission whereas remaining fields get an ANY value (i.e. Protocol, port, ip).

Also see gibran’s signature block link to ~ Tutorials - a Compiled Resource ~

And apologies, the link (thru Toggie’s post) seems to be dead for the moment… We’re aware of that and are looking into it.


Link fixed.

OK, thanks guys. I’ll go away and read my manuals, and watch my videos. Hope that will help my understanding better. :BNC

One user here was working on a “noob” manual of sorts, and some of us were working with her on that, to provide some input in real-world language (rather than “geek-speak”). Don’t think it’s been completed though. Hopefully the Compilation, FAQ, etc will help.

Feel free to poke around, and by all means ask questions as you need to. We’re happy to help.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

And as Little Mac said, don’t be afraid to ask questions in the forum, we are many here, ready to help you!


I feel the same way…for two days I have been working on this. I am an idiot, at least where firewalls are concerned. (:SAD)

Welcome, muse55 (:WAV)

If you check out the links in Toggie’s post up towards the top, you should find helpful info there. In fact, he’s been working very hard to create some true ‘FAQ’ posts in that board, so there’s some brand new stuff there now.

Then my little ‘brainchild,’ the Tutorial Compilation, has a number of little goodies/nuggets in it (just IMHO…).

When you have specific questions, just ask.



I thought that was a specific question. OK, I’ll look harder.

Thank you!

Woopsie! Perhaps you can clarify what “this” is? That’ll help me understand the issue and answer the question better than just pointing you to various links… :wink:


I also am toally bemused.
Comodo appears to be blocking my Windows updates, so being a total newcomer to firewalls of any kind [was using the one in XP] and not well versed in computers at all really, I came here for some insight.

I find these forums daunting,they appear to me to be an absolute maze. Nothing simple about them at all. I have ploughed back and forth through those that appeared to hold some hope - the FAQ - conducted a search… and if there is any info I am either too dense to see it, or its well hidden.

If someone would show me a route to any info, I would be most grateful

Welcome to the forum, Leadboot Waxman.

I know being new to a forum is like a child lost in the forest. This is one of the best sites to bookmark: ** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First **:

[b]Windows Updates Won't Update[/b],1632.0.html,1702.0.html,1955.0.html,6518.0.html,6579.0.html,6836.0.html,7866.0.html

It would have been helpful if the notes on if/when to run the Trusted Network and Scan Wizards had been made part of the Setup Wizard. How many users think to come here to look for a video, etc.?

Thanks for your reply and welcome Soya.
I thought that the option,6518.0.html would be the one, but I came to grief trying to create it.
I then thought I would temporarily disable Comodo, update, then plug away at the problem, but that doesnt seem an option either. :frowning:

As I said, I am not particularly computer literate, so I’m off to ■■■■ my head against a wall somewhere for a time, while I decide whether or not to throw my hands in the air and revert to the windows firewall!

(:LOV) Soya !
Thank you for giving us this link :** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First **
I went to it, oh my god, there are a lot of links there, too much for me. Ok, it prouves that Comodo is an alive company and community, but I have no time to read all theses litterature ! Ok, I am new to CFP, but not new to using a firewall). I never read a line of Help with Kaspersky Anti-Hacker (discontinued) and I was using it with no problem. It was so simple for me to allow an application to go only where I want and how I want and all these by a very freindly rule asistant (allow or block only this time, allow or block forever, AND costumize…).

But with CFP, the things are not yet very clear for me. Perhaps CFP is more robust than KAH or Outpost . May be it is created for professionals but offered also to home users for test. But because it is free, so many ordinary people (“idiots”) like me come to it and ask repetitive questions. So for now, it seems we must become a computer specialist and learn all about Network and treats, before we can use effectively CFP.

I tried ti use another free firewall, (Jetico which is also classified as “The Best”), but nothing worked for me, so I came back to CFP hoping that with time and with user’s contribution, it goes better and better. :■■■■

That link is for the more technical answer to the Windows Updates problem. The other links are easier to understand. Since your problem still exists even after disabling CFP, it’s more likely to be another issue. Are you able to manually update?

You don’t have to read all them. They’re just there to cover specific, yet common issues users have asked before. I’m like you in that I don’t like to read too much on how to configure something, but yes, eventually it comes down to a learning curve as with anything new, not just firewalls or software in general. This forum is probably the best place for answers because it contains a very active community of thousands, so you’re bound to receive replies anytime you encounter a specific problems.

I did uninstall the firewall but now I want to try it again and for some reason I can’t get it to download.

I am using Firefox and dis-abled adblock. I have been trying Norton’s 360 and think it su@ks!

I feel ya. Former ZA user myself. I installed CPF and then went back to ZA. Now im back with CPF. CPF is actually easy to use. At first it was overwhelming. Alot more options than ZA. I just kinda let CPF do its job naturally and when stuck came to these forums. These forums are great for help. People are always friendly and willing to help. My problems have ALWAYS been solved within these forums. And my problems are never with CPF itself. But how to configure certain things within my network. My advice. If you get stuck. Come on over to these forums. There is always a wealth of information here and its pretty simple to find.