Is There an Easy Way To...?

I have the free firewall with Defense+ but I am about to ditch it unless I can find a solution to my problem.

I am an older retired man and my brain does not work as well as it once did…hence the problem.

I play around with a lot of different software packages and this involves installing, using, uninstalling and so on.

Invariably, when installing/using/uninstalling new software, I either forget to put Defense+ in the training or installation mode and, as soon as I click on the new program, Defense+ pops up a message. At this point, even when I click on allow, NOTHING happens for a significant period of time (maybe 45 - 60 seconds) but its too long. At this point I can no longer put Defense+ in the appropriate mode because after the 30-60 second wait, the new software does something else which Defense+ doesn’t like and we repeat the process. This goes on for a while as I sit in my chair stewing and saying unkind things about Defense+.

If I do put Defense+ in the Installation Mode, I keep getting the pop-ups asking me If I want to stay in the Installation Mode. The problem here is that if I’m not paying attention and don’t respond in 30 seconds she goes out of Installation Mode automatically.

If I disable Defense+ or put it in the Training Mode while I’m playing with the software, I invariably forget I have done so and I find out a few hours or days later. This, of course, is unacceptable.

Any solution…possibly change the amount of time it will stay in the installation mode before timing out?

It should stay in Installation Mode without answering the popups.

Sometimes after a reboot I have found it still in Installation Mode after one or two of these popups during the install.


The lag you are experiencing MAY be caused by the fact that your repeated cycle of install/evaluate/uninstall can cause many rules to be created. When you uninstall an application, CIS does not remove any related rules for that app.

Unnecessary Defense+ rules can and should be purged regularly. This can be done by opening CIS, clicking DEFENSE+ → ADVANCED → COMPUTER SECURITY POLICY → PURGE. This will remove Defense+ rules and references to applications that have been uninstalled. After purging, click APPLY.

The same process should be followed to remove any redundant application rules in the firewall. This can be done by opening CIS, clicking FIREWALL → ADVANCED → NETWORK SECURITY POLICY → PURGE. This will remove firewall rules and references to applications that have been uninstalled. After purging, click APPLY.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Recent versions of C.I.S. allow selection of an Install/Uninstall configuration,
would this help.


Thank you for all of the input. I have already cleaned out all the rules and I will experiment with the Installation Mode. I may have misunderstood the Installation Mode popup…I assumed If I didn’t click the popup indicating I wanted to remain in that mode it would automatically take me out of it.

Thanks again.