Is there an easy way to save my settings

Hi all
I am going to replace XP with Windows7 next week and I was wondering if there was an easy way to save my comodo settings and then re import them to the new operating system? the last time that I did this process I downloaded Comodo again from and re-installed the prog from new.
Regards Robert.

Hello we are thinking about adding a feature (for CSC, CPM, CB, COS) that saves your settings online (optionally of course, using COS) and then let’s you restore all your settings at any time, on any computer.

Will let you know more once we make a decision.

What do you guys think would you use this?


Thanks for the news, I’m not sure what all the abbreviations are (for CSC, CPM, CB, COS) but I’m sure that once its up and running, it will be most helpful for people like myself with limited technical skills.
Well done, regards Robert.

Hi Tyler,
CSC = Comodo System Cleaner
CPM = Comodo Programs Manager
CB = Comodo Backup
COS = Comodo Online Storage

Kind regards.