Is there an easy way to block an entire app from connecting to the internet?

The way I am blocking apps with CFP is under the firewall tab, define a new blocked application, and then browse and I have to browse to the program folder of the app I want to block and manually repeat this procedure to add each and every .exe file in that folder, and that doesn’t necessarily completely block the app’s access to the internet if the app has some more stuff in other folders. This seems rather cumbersome to me. Isn’t there some way to simply and definitely block an app from being able to connect to the internet by just entering one command to just block xyz app?

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Hi mongatu

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The way I block them is from the Firewall → network security policy → Application rules → edit.

See my screenshot


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Thanks, that was very helpful.

Try this method:;msg121953#msg121953

Thanks i was wondering this myself !! shame comodo allows apps without prompts, i think currently it tries to do too much , i prefer being in control.

If you want to be asked about every connection attempt, change from the default “train with safe” mode to “custom” mode.

yes thanks someone else is having the same issue i am with this new version of comodo under the older version is was far easier after a couple of simple easy to figure out steps any app could be blocked from the net. they tried to simplify things and made them far more confusing in the process.

I use this setting.
And every program i install, and all are trusted and safe programs, CFW ask me if i want allow the programs call home.