Is there a working antivirus final available?

Hi guys. I’m new to the forum, but not entirely new to Comodo. I’ve had both BOClean and Comodo Firewall Pro installed for several months now and I’m very happy with both. (:CLP) I’ve been using Avast ever since AOL pulled their Kaspersky engine Active Virus Shield, but I’ve kept an eye on the Comodo antivirus, and I’m confused…
I see people write about Comodo Antivirus and others ask about Comodo AntiViruSpyware.
Are they two different products? ???

Is/are there both a working final available along with a beta, or is the beta the only antivirus available from Comodo? How can I find out the latest available version(s) ?
Is there even an estimate how close the antivirus beta is to final release, or at least to being a Release Candidate?

Finally, as it sits right now, how far along is the antivirus database compared to where you would like it to be if it were in final release?

I know those are a lot of questions, but if they were answered I think it would be a great recap for those of us just arriving; as to the status of the product right now.

Thanks in advance.

Hi jeeprad,

CAVS stands for Comodo Antiviruspyware - some people call it Comodo Antivirus.

There is currently only the beta 2 version ( available. This is updated daily with many virus definitions and also has a useful HIPS feature. Detection rates are not as good as many other antivirus softwares (according to certain tests). There are also still one or two bugs, it is a Beta software after all. Many users report no problems with it and some report various bugs.

CAVS 3 is currently under development and a beta release can be expected soon - I have no date for this but Melih did state that he hoped the initial beta release of this new CAVS would be very close to the final version. This will be a completely new CAVS, totally rewritten and including improved HIPS (as per CFP 3) and possibly features of BOClean - Kevin (the author of BOClean) is heavily involved in CAVS development.

Hope this helps and I hope you keep an eye out for CAVS3 - it promises to be excellent.


Aren’t we all waiting for CAVS 3 Beta… (:WIN)

Harry (:NRD)


Thanks for your quick and thorough reply. Also thanks for the hot tip on CFP 3; I had no idea it was this close to actual launch!

Just a couple more questions (for now, anyway): I believe I’ve read that CAVS supports Win 2K Pro already, so there’s no reason to doubt that the CAVS 3 Final will also support Win 2K, right? Also, do you know if CFP 3 3.0 will support Win 2K Pro? Or will Win 2K support come later?

Thanks again.

Hi jeeprad,

I think CFP 3 will not support Win 2K, unfortunately. As for CAVS 3, I don’t know, and I don’t know what to guess either…


Hi Leoni,

I read so many threads today that I lost the one where Melih himself said that CFP 3 would support Win 2K, but he also said a lot about CFP 3 3.0 being just a start… and that’s what got me wondering not if CFP 3 would support Win 2K, but when.

I found it, but I don’t know how to insert a quote into this, so I’ll just do a cut and paste and give you the link:


Will Comodo V3 support Win2k/Win2003 in the future ?

May we use Comodo products on Bussiness Machines ?

Thanks for your Answer. Wave

Best Regard



That’s strange, I was almost 100% positive that it shouldn’t support 2K. I haven’t seen those latest post though, which you linked to. Perhaps the first version of 3.0 won’t, but later 3.x releases will? Anyway, glad that you found the answer, sorry if I confused you. :-[


(:HUG) No problem Leoni, I think maybe I get a little too excited about new releases!


We all do! :smiley:


Been using cfp for months & if the finished cavs is as good im dropping my current av software license & will d/l cavs. I hope as well that it will include the boclean software so i can have my antivirus, antispyware & antimalware software all in one package.

will beta 3 not have 2 cavse.exe’s running simultaniously?

Hi & welcome!

I don’t know. Do you consider this as a good or bad thing? The idea behind those two processes running simultaneously is efficiency.


well i have 2 pc’s, 1 is for work & 1 is for gaming etc. My gaming pc isnt really affected & has beta 2 installed. My work pc is getting on a bit & has to use low demanding apps. When im gaming etc, the dual cavse is more usful, but on my work pc has more of a performance impact.

this is one of the many reasons i like the firewall so much, its effective whilst being low demand & free (ofcourse).

so i consider it both good & a bad thing if you catch my drift. In my situation it would be ideal to provide an option whether to have both, but probably not suitable for most who only have 1 pc.

Then I think you’ll be glad to know that the next version of CAVS will use less resources, according to CEO Melih! :slight_smile: Two processes or not…


Will CAVS 3 be compatible with Vista?+

Hi & welcome.

I think so, eventually. Probably not in the first 3.0 version. But what do I know, there isn’t much info around, concerning CAVS 3…


Hi all, (:WAV)

Referring to replies 4 - 6 in this thread, I still can’t find any indication whether CAVS 3 will support Win 2K or not; but now I have another worry… will a future version of BOClean eliminate Win 2K support, or will BOClean be dropped entirely after being integrated into CAVS?

I’d really appreciate if anyone has definitive answers, but even educated guesses would be accepted (:WIN)


give us a CAVS 3 that matches the quality of CFP 3.0 and Comodo security products will be unbeatable

                          all the best and...