Is there a work around for this bug in CSI4?

Comodo is preventing my system from functioning properly, I am unable to log in or out of other user accounts, it takes a long time to log off and an equally long time to log into another user account only to be be met with a black screen. When C4 is disabled I am able to return to productivity. At times C4 will also prevent the system from shutting down or restarting, it just hangs. I am using Win 7 64 and a SSD.

Does anyone have recommendations for a fix? If not is there a download still available for CIS3 64 bit so I can return to productivity?

As a follow up I uninstalled CIS4 after trying everything and went back to V3 my system functions properly again and has regained it’s previous speed. Perhaps I will try CSI 4 when the bugs have been cleaned up.

Where did you find the full installer for v3? Would like to use Comodo, but the stupid download helper is preventing this from happening.

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, those are the x86 versions, I need the x64 version. Sorry I didn’t make that clearer before.


Previous versions:

Burebista was faster :slight_smile: