Is there a way to view the applications in memory under Proactive Defense?

I tried the search and only say 1 thing to check the Defense+ alerts and whats listed but I wanted to know if there was a way to view the, “xx application(s) are active and running in memory.”, cause when I hit Alt + Ctrl + Del and view the processes I see only 28. Then, when I look at CFP Proactive Defense it lists that there is 36. I just want to know what things are adding up. If there is a feature to do this, maybe they could add a hyperlink to it so you don’t have to look around for it.

Also checked Defense+ > View Active Process List and only get 21?! Am I going crazy? or is this just normal behavior that I just haven’t really noticed until today?

Any1 have any idea?

Are you logged on as an admin or limited user? When you go to task manager, do you have “show processes from all users” checked? I am logged in as the admin in a single user system. Mine seem to match in Vista-I currently show 78 processes in Task Manager and Active Process list, 77 in Proactive Defense, and haven’t looked to see what PD doesn’t count-it appears to be the identical picture to that shown in Active Process List when you click on the count. Process Explorer (Microsoft Utility) also shows 78. Close enough for me.

Yea, I’m logged in as Admin, as single user as well, on this Windows XP Home SP-3 pc.

When I went to task manager it listed 28 processes but CFP listed 36 active in memory. I checked the pc today and it was normal again, they both listed 29 processes active in memory and I usually end it to make 28. I end ctfmon.exe from Office.

I know the pc is clean and that I wasn’t infected. I rescanned just to make sure and found nothing. I was just wondering why all of a sudden yesterday CFP had 36 instead of 28. It was prolly nothing that important but I would just have liked to know wth was going on and to at least know what was being active

Download a free copy of Process Explorer for ground truth. Don’t know why you had a problem; looks like it is working for both of us today. :slight_smile: