is there a way to tell the outcome of submitted files?

After you submit a suspected virus file to Comodo (using CAV’s automatic submit mechanism) is there a way to follow up and see what was decided about that file?

not that I know of, in reality if it is malware it will show up in a signature update.

If you report if on the forum, you’ll get an answer.

How to report False Positives/Suspicious Files & How to Submit them

I submitted the suspicious file to the avlabs e-mail address.

None of the options (false positive on forum, email false positive, email suspicious file, quarantine and submit) really tells me what I need to know – namely, whether it’s a virus or not.

If CAV continues to detect it, it could be either because it actually is a virus or because Comodo hasn’t yet had a chance to review it.

I can’t quarantine and submit because it’s a windows system file, and I don’t want to risk taking it out.

The file is c:\windows\system32\sysres.dll.

Any ideas?



Using F7D00EAF5EE448b9B6FC19D9911D9F9A with Virus Signature Database 1195.

Date on the DLL is suspiciously old: 8/16/1998 5AM

Report it using the methods in the link I already supplied…

Thanks for the link, I did that.

The link says not to post suspicious content on the “false positives” board, so I didn’t. (I don’t know if this is false or real.) I went with the email method instead.

Should I expect to hear something back after submitting the suspicious file to malwaresubmit[at] by emai?