Is there a way to reset the configuration?

i was going along fat dumb and happy with the firewall chugging away, and suddenly comodo gave me a popup saying that firefox.exe was accessing the internet, and something about another application possibly using firefox to communicate out. so without thinking things through completely, i blocked it.

now i can’t get out at all through firefox. AND, far more annoying is the fact that i can find no place in the configuration where firefox is being blocked, i don’t see any additional rules anyplace that would block it, and even tho i specifically set up an application rule giving firefox complete net access, it still doesn’t work.

so, i said to myself, i f**ed up. Start over. i’ll just reset my rules and start the comodo learning curve again. not too bad. but. there doesn’t seem to be any way to actually do that, short of uninstalling and reinstalling comodo. which i am about to do now.

but, i want to know what the heck happened, and how i can prevent it in the future. this is extremely frustrating.

i cannot believe this hasn’t been asked before, so a slew (or even one :slight_smile: email pointing me at the right place would be appreciated. i’ve tried searching, and frankly i’m finding this forum incredibly confusing as well. i’m a newbie to this firewall, but i do have some background with computers, i’ve been developing software for 20+ years…

tia for any help


If you go to Firewall/advanced/Network Security Policy and Defense+/advanced/Computer Security Policy, there should be rules there for Firefox. If you delete them, you should be able to start over again. If there are no rules, are you using a proxy like Avast! or other security software? What is your OS and Comodo version? Also, check your logs to see if you can find another program being blocked that could be using firefox as a default for accessing the internet.


interesting! yes, i am using avast!. i’m using winxp-sp2 (w/current updates), the latest comodo version (downloaded last week).

i know that avast acts as a proxy, are the two applications colliding? or would comodo put the rules against avast? if you could give me a bit more info on how they interact that would be wonderful.

thanks for the quick reply!


The rules are actually under ashwebsv.exe. Avast! is a transparent proxy, and intercepts everything coming in through port 80 to check it for viruses. So the TCP connection really goes from firefox to avast! (via localhost) to the server. Not really a collision, but firefox only directly accesses the internet for https (port 443). You can try creating an actual firefox rule using the running process and call it a web browser for privileges, make sure there is a “block and log” at the end of the rules. Turn off the Avast! web shield and you should be able to log something so we can try to see what happened. Or you may already have some data in the log that can be useful that is attributed to ashwebsv.exe.

i’ll take a look and see what is shown under ashwebsv.exe. i’m actually a bit beyond the immediate problem as i didn’t want to be doing anything on the internet without a firewall, so i uninstalled and reinstalled comodo.

speaking of which, i take it that there is no way to reset the comodo configuration?

thanks for your help, this is actually helping me quite a bit in figuring out what comodo is doing and how it interacts with the other applications on my system.


What I do for configuration, since I have a custom ruleset yet need to understand problems of users with the default configuration, is use the downloaded configuration briefly, to allow Comodo to interact with the environment, then export the configuration before I import my settings. You can easily toggle between saved configurations with Comodo under miscellaneous/manage my configuration/select. So if you are trying stuff, export your settings first, and if you want to do comparisons or just don’t like your new settings then import it back.

You could always un- and re-install CFP if you really want. If some rules survive or even if there’s any problem, try deleting the registry key «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo» before reinstalling.