Is there a way to reset everything to default (as at original installation)?

I’m wondering if there is a way to reset all my settings to their default, that is as they were when I installed CIS. Are these default settings stored somewhere and if so, how could i import them? Would I have to delete the current settings or will they be automatically replaced?

for reset settings in comodo internet security, you can import setting

C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security
and replace when ask,
see CIS Personal Configurations, Internet Security Configurations | Internet Security

Thank you very much for your assistance. I’ve been reading Comodo Help slowly, but I haven’t reached that section yet!
Anyway, Help doesn’t say where the pre-configured settings will be found, so your pointing out the directory for me was vitally important.

Reset option should be on Wishlist.

The action was to reset was easy enough, but indeed it could be made simpler so that the possibility of any harm to program files by the user would be minimized.

Total clean default reset:

  1. Uninstall CIS using the normal Windows way of uninstalling programs.
  2. Then use the Official Comodo Uninstaller to remove any CIS left overs on your system.
  3. As the last step re-install CIS the usual way.

Thank you for the suggestion. I was ready to try this, but I was dreading making a mistake. The importing action that I actually did has reset my settings sufficiently, although some history about scans etc. has indeed remained in the system. However that in itself was not important for me.

For your information, there are more settings that don’t get reset or set back to their defaults by just importing a default config.

Noted, thanks. I hope that CruelSister’s settings are not affected, because that’s what I’m trying to do currently, until I learn more about the program.

Worth noting that even with the Comodo uninstall utility (after I uninstalled CIS with the Windows uninstaller) there are some remnants left. I know because I did it and I noticed that when I started implementing CruelSister’s settings in a fresh Comodo installation one thing that was “remembered” by Comodo was the Google Chrome directory. This relates to the part of CruelSister’s instructions to run Chrome in a sandbox. I was supposed to browse to the Chrome directory in Auto-Containment, but the proper path was actually immediately presented by Comodo as if it remembered when I did it with the previous installation.

If your findings are correct, good catch!
Apparently the only way to make absolutely sure that there are no CIS remnants left is to re-image the OS with a clean OS image on which CIS was never installed before.
This is exactly what I do, if need be.

I’m curious, how practical is this? To help me understand, say I have today my OS without CIS having been installed on it. I make an OS image. I then install CIS. Then over the next few weeks I have other software installed or removed from my PC plus Windows updates. If I decide to go back to my most recent OS image that is the one before I has CIS installed, I would have to redo all the software changes and Windows updates wouldn’t I?

Normally and probably in all cases you would have to redo everything yes but it depends a bit on the kind of software which you are using. When using only portable applications which do not bind to the OS than it could be practical but for software that install in and bind to the OS it is not really practical, it consumes a lot of time re-installing everything again.
Normally speaking for everyday use no it isn’t practical.

I would wish too there was a built-in reset option in CIS which would initialize CIS to its install defaults.

Thank you very much for the clarification. :-TU

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Usually what I do to get rid of all CIS remnants:

  1. Backup my important files to an external device.
  2. Use the Uninstaller Tool to completely uninstall CIS, reboot 2 times.
  3. Use CCleaner, BleachBit for temporary files cleaning + CCleaner Registry Cleaning + Auslogics Registry Cleaner. Theoretically other Registry cleaning programs will delete the remaining CIS keys that the Comodo Uninstaller left behind.
  4. If there is a remaining Registry Key that can’t be deleted by the above means I then use NVT RegistryDeleteEx utility.

That’s a lot of work to reset a program. Anyway, I hope that I don’t have to resort to it in the future.

Indeed, but I already got used to it. If you think about it, this is the cost for the level of protection provided by CIS, it hooks itself so deeply at the OS that is hard to completely remove all traces. For example if you use just the Uninstaller Tool and nothing else, the Registry leftovers will hardly cause you any problems with new CIS installations.