Is there a way to reset Comodo to when I first installed it?

I installed Comodo Personal firewall about a month ago, on the recommendation of a friend. I was basically ignorant to what a firewall was, then. I managed to get things to work eventually, but I would like to read what I should read, and then know what I should know, so that I can whitelist the applications that I trust, and so I don’t get the hundred or so alerts a day I was before.
So, what do I need to read, is it OK to whitelist all my applications, and is there a way to return Comodo Personal firewall to the way it was when I downloaded it, or should I just reinstall it.

PS: I read Wikipedia’s article on firewalls, so I’m not totally clueless anymore.
Am running version 3.0…I think.

Hi Darkmonk

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You can go to miscellaneous → Manage my configurations and choose select, and pick “optimum security”. Reboot and see if this does it for you.