is there a way to reload the service? [Resolved]

is there a way to reload the service in comodo3 (with d+) ?

i tried services.msc /s , with cmd command line net but nothing , what can i do is only a reboot!

thanks (CNY)

Why do you need to? Stop shutting down Comodo. I never have to stop Comodo nor to I have to ever play with the services. I boot up and leave it alone.

Its not a bug either like you reported. 90% of people aren’t shutting down there security software on a daily basis.

I’m assuming that you’re still trying to shut Comodo down because of software conflicts you’re getting with other software.


The best method is to deal with the conflicts, probably by creating correct D+ rules for them.

AFAIK, the only way to stop the core components of CFP running is to uninstall the firewall.

Ewen :slight_smile:

don’t want to stop
i want to restrart it!

To need to restart it, you must have stopped it! :wink: How???

Do you have the services set to manual? The Comodo service like Panic says does not stop automatically unless you stop it.

What should one do when installing software? Often, the instrucion is to close all other apps. (in some cases an installation wants apps. closed /and/ access to the 'net - yeah, sure!). I removed and then updated Java yesterday; that’s quite a major move as Java (same with .Net) is involved in many things.
Seems there’s a bit of conflict of advice here.

I updated Java with no problems. All I did was put Comodo in install mode then installed my Java updates. Went smooth. If you put Comodo in “install mode” before installing anything you will be fine. I install and update things everyday with no troubles from Comodo.

Why would you want to restart it…?
Oh well…
Set Defense+ to Disabled. Open Task Manager and terminate cmdagent.exe. Now open the start menu, click Run and write services.msc. Find COMODO Firewall Pro Helper Service and double-clcik it.
Now just start it.


If you look at his posts he will not leave Comodo alone. He keeps shutting it down, doing this and doing that then wondering why it doesn’t work right.


No problem.
I’ll close this topic now. PM an online moderator with a link to this topic if you would want it opened again.