Is there a way to not let AV auto update?

It makes it hard to game when it auto updates constantly and you have low RAM.

Is there a way to make the AV not auto update. The regular update is fine but the AV is freezing everything on screen

I didn’t find one so I am assuming not, is there a choose when to update feature in the works?

There have been wishlist posts asking for control over when virus database updates happen. I think only Comodo could answer whether or not they are planning on adding this feature.

Since this computer is used in allot of gaming I fear I might have to remove the Comodo AV and get Bitdefender…its too bad its just on demand scanning…

Then again maybe I will go back to Avast…they have real time scanning and the AV has an option to choose when to install updates.

Yes there is a way to stop the AV from Updating, Use the firewall to block it. ;D

hahahah maybe it work , x2

What about changing the AV rules ?

Open the AV settings, on realtime scanner uncheck : update av before scanning
on-demand scanner : uncheck it also.
in short, disable it in every tab.

If it’s still updating ,try disabling miscellaneous → settings → update → uncheck search for program updates…


There are other threads about this topic.

The rules in the AV section only apply prior to doing a scan. It’s doubtful that he’s trying to run a scan when he’s playing a game.

Disabling the program updates also don’t do anything because the virus database updates aren’t considered a program update.

The database updates happen automatically regardless of how many options you disable that look like they may influence the update…

LOL. If your any kind of gamer the your pc should have ATLEAST 2 gigs of ram and plenty of CPU power to never notice a thing.