is there a way to monitor connections in realtime

Hi, I’d like a tool that leaves a window open onscreen where I can see connections as they come in and drop off. I’m thinking of basically a real-time netstat display. Does Comodo offer a tool for this or is there something else which does it? Thanks.

Download tcpview from TCPView for Windows - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn -or use the firewall/common tasks/“view active connections” if you don’t need that much detail.

That is just what I needed. My paranoia just dropped in half. Thanks very much.

There is also the real-time View Active Connections panel in CFP V3 (Comodo’s firewall).

In TCPView I’m seeing a process listed as [System Process]:0 . Any idea what that represents?

Not an OS guru, so I asked and got a reasonable answer on System Process vs System at [Vista] What is the difference between System Process and System - Microsoft | DSLReports Forums . “System Process” is actually the same as “Windows Operating System” in Comodo and “System Idle Process” elsewhere, and the connections shown are not really to that, but don’t have another home. “System” (PID4) is where the kernel mode threads run, including the netbios interactions that I have blocked in CFP3.

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