Is there a way to make CIS actually detect ONLY known viruses and trojans?

I’m so sick of CIS, and AV software in general in 2018; There are fewer viruses today than there ever was, and yet AV software treat everything as a virus. CIS detected over 200 files as “threats” on my PC; Not a single one of them is an actual virus! I don’t have time to teach this dumb app what is an what is not a virus, but I tried. So I tell it: Add to my trusted files. Fine. Then tommorow I try and run the file, comodo pops up out of nowhere and blocks the running of the file! WTF?
Can I make it actually stick to the known ones or will I have to remove the biggest virus I have today, my AV software?

And what help do you now expect on this meaningless statement?
You should tell a little more?
Did you activate paranoid protection in HIPS? Where are examples of what is detected as a virus.
Look for another security program, not only I am very satisfied with comodo for many, many years.

Have you dealt with the many possible settings? Could you tell a bit more than just to complain?

“Anti-Virus” is a misleading name. There aren’t pure Anti-Virus anymore. An AV now detects and blocks a large variety of threats.
Use the autosandbox feature, disable hips, and keep antivirus active. When a file is sandboxed (or blocked) by autosandbox, just click on “do not sandbox again”. If a file is detected by AV engine, go in quarantine, and restore the file adding it in exclusions.