Is there a way to get Comodo to trust ALL on my Cptr?

currently trying v11.0.0.6744 after updating from v11.0.0.6728.
Every time I update Comodo to a newer version, Comodo seems to re- scrutinize EVERY file I try to access/run.
I have done FULL scans in the past, but they don’t seem to matter when a NEW update is installed.
I am constantly watching cavwp run while WAITING for my programs to start…
Is there a way to ?force? Comodo to trust All on my cptr?
(Photoshop, OpenOffice, .txt files, etc)

run rating scan and manually trust all unknown files

Where is ‘rating scan’?
Do you mean manually trust EACH file?

no you can select all unknown files and treat as trusted
in general task start scan

Use scan exclusions and also manually set every file listed in the file list to trusted using context-menu change file rating to.