Is there a way to find scan histories and results?

Hi. Just downloaded last week for my new laptop. Seems very nice - I like it. One major important thing I cannot find for the life of me is how to look at past results. I set a virus scan for 2:00am every day but I can’t tell if it’s been running or not because I can’t find the history or results log.

Is it right in front of me or am I not crazy and there’s not anywhere to view them?


Welcome. :slight_smile:

Anti virus logs are stored in Anti virus > View Anti Virus Events > (More)

But, CIS uses selective logging which only logs what it thinks is important (e.g. detected infections, etc.)
Unfortunately, it doesn’t include things like scheduled cans, but there have been other topics about this and logging should improve in the future for all of CIS (firewall, D+, AV).

Thanks Fazio-

I’d be ok with it only logging what it thinks was important if it told me when the last run was. I have no idea if it is even running at 2 am. I don’t need to know how many files, how long, etc. I just need to know it actually ran.

Wow, I might have to search for an alternative :frowning: