Is there a way to export/import only Firewall (or Defense+) Settings?

I understood that in this new 3.9 CIS version the way that Defense+ settings are saved is slightly different from the previous versions, so I’m wondering what’s the way to export only my firewall settings while for the Defense+ settings I’ll let to do to CIS 3.9.
In that case, after a clean installation I would import the “firewall Exported” settings.

So I have thought to remove in ALL the Defense+ settings (except the few default ones that come after the installation), export this new configuration named “only firewall” and use it after a .509 clean install.

Am I doing the right thing?
Does this allow .509 to make what I said?

Why doesn’t COMODO create (let’s say into the Beta Forum) some default configuration files so that everyone can go back to the initial settings in case of need? :-TU

I’m asking the same question here;msg285793

Thanks, so let’s continue in your thread :-TU

Ok, thanks.