Is there a way to disable it from asking everytime

Everytime I install a new program and run other programs it asks for permissions for the new program to run with every existing program I open. It gets rather annoying, why cant I just say give this new application access to everything, why must I individually allow it to work with everything?

for example:
I install a new version of my browser, I allow it to access the internet
I open AIM, it asks if its ok if my browser can work with AIM
I open mirc, it asks if my browser can work with mirc
I open ventrilo, it asks if it can work with it

Why cant I just say allow this program to work with whatever it wants? Is there a setting? I dont want to lower the security, but I am sick of these popups.

Allow the firewall to work with whatever it wants? You mean allow viruses and trojans free access? After all, those are programs too.
If you want to cut down on the number of alerts, go to “Advanced” → “Application Behaviour Analysis” → “Configure” and decide what you you think is not so important and then disable it. While that menu is onscreen, hit the F1 key to get a breakdown of what each setting does.

Why not set the alert frequency to Very Low then the firewall will only show one alert for an application. You can do this in Advanced > Miscellaneous > Configure.

Regards. HL