Is there a way to ask for permission by default before any app accesses network?

From the advanced “Network Security Policy” I can’t add a global default rule in “Application Rules”, and “ask” is not an option in “Global Rules”.
Sorry if this is a very obvious question… Ideally I’d like it so that if I clicked “remember my answer” it would allow those connections from that application.

Have you tried using custom mode for the firewall?

Is this different from going to Firewall->Advanced->Network Security Policy? I can’t find it in there. I’m basically trying to figure out how I can get a flag for network access by applications without having to define the application rule for every application (especially since I might not know what the applications are).

If you put the Firewall in “Custom” you will get an alert for any application which does not allready have a rule made for it in Network Security Policy.


ps to get to “Custom” right click on the tray icon an put the tick next to “Custom”