Is there a way for me to unblock msiexec.exe after i deleted Comodo?

I blocked msiexec.exe (which then disabled Windows Installer service) using Comodo Firewall because the window keeps on popping at every computer startup. Then one day CFW had some startup problems so I decided to reinstall it. Being unable to uninstall it, and forgetting that I blocked msiexec, I deleted its folder. Now I can’t reinstall it. :cry:

Can I “install” Comodo Firewall again in any way, or do something to unblock msiexec.exe? ???

This topic may now be closed/deleted. I was able to solve it by installing CFW using another OS, execute it on my main OS, unblock msiexec.exe, and then permanently deactivate Defense+. I was then able to uninstall and then reinstall CFW. :slight_smile:

Sorry for posting on wrong forum by the way.