Is there a virtual registry in sandbox?

If you install a program in the sandbox and run a reg file is it writing to the real registry or a virtual one?

Do you mean the Fully Virtualized sandbox? If so then yes, it is writing to a virtual one.

I mean if i have a program and install intoi sandbox by righ click run in comodo sandbox. The programmis installed in C:\VTRoot\HarddiskVolume2. Is the reg entry virtualised? If not how do i install a program into the fully virtualised sand box and operate it from there?

Is run virtual the same as right click run in comodo sandbox.Is a reg file a file or a running process?

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Run virtual will run it in the Fully Virtualized sandbox. The same is also true if you right-click and choose to run in the sandbox. Both will run it in the Fully Virtualized sandbox. Once run in there it is correct to see it installed in C:\VTRoot. At that point everything it does should be virtualized, including the reg file.


Thanks. This is a virtualised reg entry? I could delete keys etc and not harm the real reg?

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Since it says VritualRoot, I believe it is a virtual registry entry. However, if you are in doubt please do check with someone else as well. Although I am pretty confident that it is, I would hate for me to have made a mistake and for you to therefore harm your computer.

Can anyone else validate whether that is in fact a virtual registry entry which can safely be deleted?

Thank you.