Is there a program to trace calls to floppy drive?

My computer is infected with an indetectable trojan/rootkit. One of the most annoying things the trojan does is attempting to access my floppy drive (no floppy is inserted and in fact I haven’t used one in years!). It seems the access to my floppy drive is synchronized to browsing certain spanish newspaper web page ( Unless I’m accessing a fake web page (DNS spoofing), the trojan could be monitorizing my access to internet and launching an script to make an access to my floppy drive.

Do you know a program I could use to trace access to my floppy drive?. I’ve tried Proccess Monitor of Sysinternals with no luck (no reported access to floppy drive A:).

Process Monitor []

Whilst ProcessMonitor records everything, you can limit the display to disk IO operations only & limit it further by filtering on the Floppy Drive device.

Also, please try following the advice I give in How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected to track down the malware.