is there a problem with installing 5.3, then update to 5.5?

so, i am back after i had enough of the give away suite of another company :smiley:

i installed accidently version 5.3 first. loaded my config in it which i had saved in 5.5. , and pressed update. now i have the right version of the cis.
as i remembered that the config of 5.3 should be erased for 5.5, i loaded the config of 5.5 again, after the update went through, in case that the 5.3 misinterpretated it.

then i read: update from 5.4(!) to 5.5 is a two step process. but my update from 5.3(!) to 5.5 was a ONE STEP process???
is an update from 5.3 to 5.5 recommendet at all?

will my 5.5 run now as it should, or is there a “not mentioned” incompatibillity existing (when updating from 5.3 to 5.5 while using for a moment a 5.5 config in a 5.3)?

btw, if i wouldnt read the forum, i would have to trust in the software compatibillity, as long as there is no message: make a clean install.
every user who does not read here, will he have to deal with a bad installation or incompatible config settings?