Is there a PDF Version of the cfp.chm for V3?

I would like to easily print the whole CFP user manual so that I can read it off line. Is there also a PDF file available?

There are some commercial products that will convert CHM to PDF, but that is an investment I don’t want to make so I’m asking here in case a PDF happens to be available.


Try going to

Yes, but you have to print the chm so that it can be converted and I don’t think one can print the whole chm at once.


Hi Adric,
When you use dopdf you do have to click on “Print.” Instead of printing off the entire file on paper on your regular printer, select “doPDF” from the printer list. Then you are given the option to browse for a save location (while saving as a PDF).

I think we are talking past each other. DoPDF captures the printout before it gets to the printer and converts it to pdf. CHM does not allow you to print the complete document and you have to do it in stages which is a PITA. Or does printing from doPDF handle this?


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I see what you mean now. Probably you will have to do the job in sections. Maybe ease the pain with your favorite adult beverage?


Was looking for this too. Thanks Grayhair for linking to such a great little app.