Is there a new update for comodo 3 coming?

Is there a new update for Comodo 3 coming?

Hello, What would make you think that? Comodo’s products will always be updated and fine tuned as time goes on. If you have idea’s please add them to the wishlist.

Hi viper Welcome to the forums.

There are alot of fixes included in Comodo Internet Security Which is currently in BETA phrase (Expecting a RC next week). The COMODO Firewall in CIS is exactly the same as CFP 3, With loads of fixes as mentioned, You can try out CIS if you want - And choose “COMODO Firewall” only on installation, without the AV - Or whatever you want, Anyway everyone is working on CIS at the moment.

I don’t know if there will be an update for CFP when CIS goes final. It will all fall out in good time. Hope this clarifies.



Can the CIS firewall be simply installed over the latest CFP or do I need to uninstall CFP first?


Uninstall first.

And just found out, CIS is the update for CFP It is a “3.5” update, Which includes the full blown Comodo Antivirus 3. Off course you can have Comodo Firewall on it’s own. Just choose ‘COMODO Firewall’ only on installation to get CFP 3.