Is there a new path of the BOClean update program?

After having installed BOClean the day Melih gave us the link, I noticed some BOClean update program files to be located in C:\Documents and Settings[User]\Local Settings\Temp. I thought they were really temporary so I deleted them. After that, the update function did not work. Reinstalled BOClean and everything was fine.

Then I put up on the wish list for this path to be changed, to a more proper one. Now it seems like my wish has come true since the temp folder does not contain those update files anymore! Is this correct, or is there a functionality of BOClean that first puts the files in this temp folder, and then moves them to another folder?

I haven’t tracked it but I’d guess you were seeing where BOC decompressed either the install files or the update files.
Did you boot before deleting the files?
What were the file names?

This procedure makes sense to me: (1) installing the program, (2) rebooting, (3) checking for updates in case the BOClean setup file didn’t have the latest definitions, and finally (4) removing temp files if any still left. So most likely I did reboot since that was recommended by BOClean after installation, and after that - by routine - checked the temp files folder. Can’t remember the file names but there were several files (maybe as many as 10), both .exe and others.

After reinstalling BOClean (as it wouldn’t update any more) I didn’t touch those files in the temp folder. Later (several days) when I checked the folder, they were gone, and that’s were we are right now! Really don’t know what have happened here. Either I may be wrong about the reboot (don’t think so, though), or BOClean has moved the files somehow.

I don’t get this! Not really important, except for the risk that people like me accidentally remove the update files, because they’re located in a folder intended for temp files.

I’ve seen the same (or very similar) thing happen. It seemed to install and run from temp files, even after reboot. Until probably the 2nd or 3rd reboot. All the FW prompts for connection had the parent in the temp file (not the .exe, just the parent; which was some BOC-named.tmp file)