Is there a new Comodo update today?

The release page is still showing old info (as is usually the case):

Release Notes
Check here for the latest Comodo Firewall + Antivirus release notes.
Version 5.5.195786.1383: 4 July, 2011

* IMPROVED! WEB installer now supports more reliable installation experience e.g. support for resuming broken downloads
* IMPROVED! Program updater now uses a new updating mechanism which reduces the update size significantly
* IMPROVED! Minor GUI fixes and corrections
* FIXED! Various incompatibilities between BO defense and various applications(e.g. games, windows applications etc.)
* FIXED! License manager does not work properly when system time is modified
* FIXED! Various crashes related to the antivirus engine

That’s not old info… that’s the current information. Excluding the CIS 5.8 betas, CIS 5.5.195786.1383 is the current release version.

Why do you think there is an update today?

I got a tray notification that there was an update to install. BUT I AM running 5.5.195786.1383.

It is well known that it can take weeks for Comodo to synch up the release page with the current release, so that is why I asked.

Most likely a TVL (Trusted vedors list) update.
Kind regards.

Well then they should identify what the update is for.

So I went to Comodo|More|Check for updates. After about a minute of sitting there, this useless msg popped up:

Error 0x80072efd

Gee, I wonder what that error could be? Maybe the engineers can put some text with the error code letting us humans know what happened? Or a link to where the explanation is? [lol]