Is there a Known Software list, ??SandBox??

I have been testing the CIS v4 on only one of my Computers;

Windows 7 x64 Ult
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400
Mem 8192 MB 
NVIDIA GeForce (dual) 9400GTS
4 Monitors

I have tested running a few of the Apps I use and the Sandbox-Pop-up comes up on all of them, but not of the Operating Systems programs. When I click the “don’t run in sandbox” it doesn’t come up again when I re-run the app.

Is there a proper way to set the sandbox to know Trusted Apps??

If you check My Safe Files you will find all Apps you received Sandbox alerts for there, which you asked not to be run in the sandbox again.

I presume all system files are in the whitelist, unless someone else knows better.


It doesn’t sandbox anything if it is signed by a trusted vendor or the file has been analyzed and added to Comodo’s white-list.

Any time you tell it not to run in the sandbox again this file is added to your safe files list.