Is there a guide about COMODO firewall 5 and utorrent

Im having problems finding the appropriate guide for setting up “COMODO Firewall version 5” with utorrent.

Ive searched and searched but what I have found are guides describing some rules (for utorrent) for COMODO firewall versions 4 and below.

COMODO’s version 5’s interface is largely different from its predecessors. It is by this reason that I find it very confusing to follow such guides because Im a complete COMODO firewall newbie.

Im hoping there would be an updated and direct-to-the-point step-by-step setup guide for COMODO firewall 5.0 for newbies like me.

The basic rules for uTorrent haven’t changed and it would appear you’ve already seen these, at least on the uTorrent forum Comodo Firewall Tweaks - Speed Problems - µTorrent Community Forums Neither has the method by which they are created.

The problem you seem to have is a lack of inbound communication, which almost certainly means you are blocking TCP and UDP inbound to your uTorrent port.

As EricJH pointed out in your other thread Re: re:CIS version 5.0.16 and utorrent You need to ensure the uTorrent port is forwarded in your router, assuming you have one. You also need to make sure you have a Global rule, in addition to the Application rules mentioned above, in the Comodo firewall that allows Inbound traffic to this port. For example:
Allow TCP and UDP IN from ANY to [insert your uTorrent port]