Is there a God-Logfile ?

A user of Kaspersky Internetsecurity discovered a hughe logfile created by KIS at folder
\All Users\App Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP8\Report
In those files every action done at a session is saved, like opend files, visited websites… and there is no option to delete those files or to block this logging.

Sounds fatal to me, because that turns all cleaning software in useless stuff

My question is now: is there something similar in Comodo ? And If, how can I delete it?

You just have to disable self-defense in KIS and delete the log files :slight_smile: Then turn on the defense again. You can also stop the logging process.

I know how to delte those files. It can be done in “Windows Save Mode” too.

But it is NOT possible to stop the logging. KIS is still logging stuff even if logging is off in the preferences.

→ My MAIN-Question is: Is there anything similar in Comodo ? ←

Because I am a Comodo User at 3 of my machines…

Is it that hard to answer? Or are you KIS infiltrated :wink:

No, there is not, as far as I can tell by opening the files CIS uses.

CIS do log firewall events and such and D+ has some logging too, also the antivirus saves some logs of what viruses you encountered lately by default CIS removes all those after the logging file exceeds 2 MB.

You can disable those loggings by going to misc > settings > Logging
And there check all the boxes “disable firewall logging” and so on…

But its not recommended since you will have no data left over what happened when (always good to have some data if you happen to get hacked).

I have a hard time seeing this as a privacy concern… But if you do thats the way to avoid those logs…

But none of those log files contain the activities that Vsk is concerned about.

hrm probably correct… Did not read his post that well I suppose. =)
But now he knows a little about the logging CIS does… if he didn’t already! ;D :slight_smile:

CIS supports logging for the following;

Detected malware is recorded in the AV log along with the user action or auto action taken
Activities that cause a Defense+alert are logged
Network activity that meets the criteria of the global rules that have logging enabled are recorded

To the best of my knowledge (and I’ve been poking around the guts of CIS for ages) there is no god-log. Other than the three logs outlined above, there are no other CIS logs.

Surely logging all that other stuff is going to impact KIS’s overall performance, isn’t it?

Ewen :slight_smile: