Is there a flaw with Comodo not logging changes to configuration?

I noticed today that the option to block fragmented packets was somehow disabled. I wanted to know when the setting was changed so I went to the advanced log viewer and created a filter for “Object: Firewall: block fragmented packets”.

This let me go through the logs to see when the option was disabled. There was never any log created for this event. In fact the only other log was for august 5th when I ENABLED blocking of fragmented packets. The next log was created today when I enabled it again.

However between August 5 and December 1, there is no log which shows the fragmented packet filtering being disabled. Unfortunately my logs don’t go back any further than August because i have my configuration set to delete the logs when they exceed 20MB.

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Did you update CIS using the program updater? That would be a likely cause.

The same thing happened to me with the recent update, I always make it a rule to check settings for security programs after an update.