Is there a firewall logging? Connections history in plain text format..

I cannot find.
If no I will drop a post into the wishlist.

hmm, i don’t have CIS mon my home comp right now. but i think you can save the log to .txt format :-La

You can export to HTML document.

Where is that log-file ? How do I open it ?
I cannot find it…

Is it firewall events ? Only events fired if I toggle in policies?
I mean all connections history…

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Is this what you’re looking for?
‘Firewall’ > ‘View Firewall Events’ > ‘More…’ > ‘File’ > ‘Export to HTML’ > ‘Firewall Logs’

If you mean the ‘View Active Connections’, no you cannot export the history of that.

The ‘View Firewall Events’ area contains logs of actions taken by the firewall. A ‘Firewall Event’ is recorded whenever an application or process makes a connection attempt that contravenes a rule your Network Security Policy.

Note: You must have checked the box ‘Log as a firewall event if this rule is fired’ for the event to be logged while defining network control rules under Network Security Policy.