Is there a desktop toolbar icon?

The desktop toolbar icon I had for Comodo v3 used to a be shield that has green and red arrow animation when there was web traffic, but starting yesterday, the icon changed to a smaller gray shield with no animation at all.

Comodo does say that everything is functioning properly, so I guess it must be a new icon.

Can anyone please confirm?

Thank you.

Right Click the CFP 3 in Task Tray. Is “Show Tray Animation” ticked?


Gray Shield? There has never been a gray taskbar icon for Comodo. Its white with a green check mark in it. Do has 3 said and you will be all set.

Show animation is already checked. The gray shield looks like this:

It is different than what the icon looked like before.

Btw, I meant to write “is there a NEW desktop toolbar icon” in the title. Sorry for the typo.

What version are you using? That icon is white to me with a green check mark and flames honestly. Go to Miscellaneous/ About and tell me what version you have. You can also simply uninstall Comodo and reinstall it.

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It’s version

Re install should fix the problem.