Is there a convenient way to submit multiple files at once?

I often have a lot of samples to sumbit, is there a convenient way to upload them to COMODO?
CIMA doesn’t support multiple files to sumbit :THNK


malwaresubmit at

There is another way directly from CIS. Go to miscellaneous → submit suspicious files.


Better just PM Melih and figure out way how to directly submit malware :slight_smile: I think he’s okay with that. :■■■■

Yes,I also notice this , but it looks like a CFP related function, not CAV:

Files which are not in the Comodo safe list and are also unknown to the user can be submitted directly to Comodo for analysis and possible addition to the safe list.

Thanks, I’ll try this. Is there any requirement of the package?

(L)Thank you (:SHY)