Is there a bootable cd/usb for ctm?

Since one of my pc’s wont even get into windows, i need to find ways to restore windows…

Is this even possible haveing never installed ctm while i could?? definately going to try it out as soon as i can tho. Is it in final stages yet? I see lots of angry users and bugs?

Use Windows Recovery Console to restore Windows ! There is no bootable CD/USB for CTM, even if there’s one I don’t see how you could use it to restore your Windows without installing CTM in the first place !
( Computer users should make regular image-backups of OS and use the backups to restore when needed, CTM should NEVER be counted on as the last resort )

[quote]I see lots of angry users and bugs?[quote]
People just don’t realize when they come to the forums (with Board headings like Help and Bug Reports) it’s like standing in front of an Emergency Ward ~ " If you stand in front of a Hospital, should you not see patients coming in ! "
Having said the above it doesn’t mean that I hadn’t noticed there were bugs with CTM (especially with prior versions), but I’d also seen some impudent and incompetent users.

In order to use the recovery console, windows would need to boot, and it doesnt… i have no idea where my brother put the cd, my other option for recovery, he thinks he threw it away 88)

with windows being a ?scourge? about making a bootable usb, they leave it’s users with very little options… normally i’d “burn” bart or dsl or dos to a usb. But since microsoft changed that, i am left with unknown and untrusted software to try and circumvent their malice behavior… just hopeing comodo could save us once again…

Well, Pazsion, since you don’t have the Windows Recovery Disc and (I assumed) you haven’t backuped your system as well, the only thing left is to dial up the Vendor and seek professional help. CTM can’t help you in this case !

From now on do keep in mind that “regular system back-ups” is indispensable !

Hi pazsion,

As windows doesn’t boot, to recover your data you could burn a bootable CD of linux on another PC and launch yours with it.

As you don’t have a back image of your system nor an install CD of windows, couldn’t you find this CD from friends and reinstall your OS provided you know your record number to Microsoft?

i’ll try burning linux when i can get some dvd’s.

microsoft wont allow another cd to be used, on diffrent systems. they won’t allow another hd to be used to recover another install, or be installed on its own in diffrent pc’s. they claim it’s to prevent piracy…

I love linux =c wish i didn’t have to use windows xc

The install cd’s are all the same. You can use whichever, same as your os of course, and reinstall provided that you have your id number to reactivate you windows to microsoft.

The oem versions are linked to one pc, but again it is your register number that is linked to the PC not the way you do the install. Microsoft allows one or two changes to the hardware but you must phone them to reactivate windows.